Stump grinding

Tree care within the lawn is essential to add value to your property whether residential or commercial. General tree care involves tree removal. That is necessary as old trees have to be eliminated as new young trees are introduced. When trees are cut, the stumps remain and the roots below still retain their positions. You need to do more work to ensure that the stumps are out of the landscape. Stump grinding is the best option to clear out the stumps. Unlike the digging around and axe removal, grinding does a clean job that you are happy off. You only need to hire a grinder or a professional tree remover with a grinder.

How it is done

As the name suggests, it is all about grinding the stump. In other words we can say eating the stump bit by bit till its level with the ground. Grass can then grow on top of the stump area to bring in a better look of the landscape. The remaining stump below the ground will wither with time. Any roots showing up on the ground will also have to be grinded off. In some cases, homeowners want to get the entire tree base removed. That will be more challenging but tree removal services still do that at an added cost. The stump will have to be dug out manually or by use of a backhoe. The area can then be made good and cleaned out.

Create more space on the yard

Stump grinding is not only for aesthetic purposes. Take the example of a football pitch filled with grass, it looks clean and with a lot of space. I don’t have to tell you how the same pitch will look like if only you did introduce about 10 stumps only evenly distributed. These objects are simply a sign of congestion on your yard. By eliminating them by grinding, your yard becomes spacious for gardening or planting other trees.

Full service tree removal

Stump grinding is only a single service offered by tree care companies. If you can get the full tree removal service, the better. You will save a lot and the process will be in a single round. The unwanted trees will be cut, stumps removed and the debris out of that hauled away from the yard. Everything covered in a single service. You will have your site cleaned up just once.

How to hire the best grinders

If you decide to buy your own stump grinder, you need to be careful on what type you buy. These equipment do vary in specs, size and horsepower. You need to be sure that your equipment will deliver. In the same way, consider doing your homework in researching which professional stump remover is the best if you choose to go down that road.